Current Sponsors

We are proud to announce General Tire as the official title sponsor to Lifesaving South Africa (LSA). The General Tire brand is a division of Continental Tyre SA (Pty) Ltd. In line with the Continental Tyre SA road safety ‘Vision Zero’ initiative, which aims for a future with zero road accidents and fatalities, General Tire identified the opportunity with LSA to expand their initiative, assisting LSA to promote water safety, encapsulating General Tire’s motto “Anywhere is Possible.”

LSA as a service and sporting organisation is committed to providing lifeguarding services and to promote and educate the development of water safety to all communities of South Africa. Every year LSA equips thousands of lifeguards with the skills needed to protect South African beaches and inland swimming areas, contributing to public and community safety. The multimillion rand sponsorship deal represents a major boost to LSA in their efforts to ensure water safety throughout South Africa.

“General Tire is proud to be associated with LSA and we have made an initial 3-year commitment. We are committed to making a difference not only within the LSA organisation itself, but with all voluntary lifeguards who contribute to the safety of the South African public,” said Niel Langner, Marketing Manager, Continental Tyre SA. 

“We appreciate and understand the difference this sponsorship will make to Lifesaving South Africa. We are very aware this is a major commitment from General Tire and to have an international brand like General Tire come on board to support LSA is greatly appreciated. We are committed to working closely with the General Tire team to ensure that both ours and their objectives are met as we move forward together,” said Dylan Tommy, President, LSA.

General Tire has come on board to support LSA across their three main areas of operations:
1. Primary Partner to LSA Duty Squads
2. Naming Rights Partner to both Senior and Nipper National Championships
3. Presenting Partner to LSA Schools Water Safety Programme

Follow this link to read more about the sponsorship /uploads/files/GT%20LSA%20Sponsorship%20Overview.pdf