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Date: 13th April 2018

Subject: Competition Manual Update (Surf and Freshwater) and comments regarding the Recent South Africa Lifesaving Championships 2018

The Sub Committee for Rules, Technical Officials and Championships will be meeting shortly to review and update the existing Competition Manuals, both Surf and Freshwater. These are the Surf Sport Manual (15th Edition, October 2015) to be read in conjunction with Circular 02/17 of 4th January 2017 and Circular 203/17 of 17 November 2017 and Still Water Sport Manual (14th Edition, February, 2016). The intention is to bring out a new revised manual before the end of the year.

Any Club, Province or Technical Officials who have any comment, rules change, improvements, correction or clarification regarding the manuals in terms of the rules or format, please submit these to me at:  by 15th  May 2018, please quote section and page number you are referring to.

Furthermore the Sub-Committee will also be reviewing the recently held South Africa Lifesaving Championships 2018, if there is any comments regarding any aspect of the Championships, please submit them to me. Comments can be on any issue – organization, programme, additional events, management, etc.

The Sub-Committee would welcome submissions from all concerned and each and every comment or proposal will be considered and responded to.

Yours faithfully,
(No signature – electronic document)
Peter Odendaal
Director : Sport

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