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Date: 20th April 2018

Subject: Head Office Staff Communication Procedures

Dear Members

Lifesaving SA officially welcomes Kate Cibane on board as a permanent member of the staff. Kate has been with us for the past year on contract and has been the person to contact for all data base and membership queries. Kate will be taking on the additional role of Receptionist and some changes have been made to the roles and responsibilities in the office.

Please take note of the following main roles and responsibilities of the head office staff;

  1. Janelle Naidoo (Admin Manager)

Note this is the formal and constituted address for Lifesaving Head Office.

  1. Stephanie Moodley (General Administration)

Stephanie is responsible for the issuing of quotes, invoices, stock, award requirements and verification of docs. She also assists with all Watersmart issues. Please send those related enquiries onto

  1. Rita Ntuli (Awards Administration)

Rita maintains the awards process (database maintenance and certification); can also be contacted for award queries. Rita’s email is

  1. Melinda Pather (General Admin Assistance)

Melinda will be responsible for receiving the monthly returns and duty reports as well as drowning reports. She will be assisting Stephanie with stock control and dispatch. Melinda’s email is

  1. Kate Cibane (Receptionist and Data Capturer)

Kate will be able to assist with most database and general enquiries and if unable to assist will direct you accordingly.

  • As per national policy, all communication to head office staff must be copied to and your provincial/district office which will also be vice versa
  • Please ensure that your correspondence is in English (the administrative language of LSA as constituted) and sent to the correct email address.

We kindly request that the correct person is contacted in the office to avoid unnecessary delays in requests and communications should this recommended path not be followed.

Yours in lifesaving
(No Signature – electronic document)
Helen Herbert
General Manager

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