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Date: 30th April 2018

Subject:  Super Sport broadcasting Schedule for the 2018 GT SA National Championships

The Super Sport broadcasting schedule for the 2018 GT SA National Championships held in Port Elizabeth from the 31st March – 7th April 2018 are listed below for your viewing pleasure:

Highlights 1:

Dates Schedule Time Channel
Tuesday, 1 May 11h30 SS8
Wednesday, 2 May 14h00 SS8


Highlights 2:

Dates Schedule Time Channel
Wednesday, 2 May 17h30 SS10
Wednesday, 2 May 22h30 SS CSN
Thursday, 3 May 00h30 SS8
Thursday, 3 May 09h00 SS8
Friday, 4 May 16h00 SS8
Monday, 7 May 07h00 SS8
Tuesday, 8 May 11h30 SS8
Wednesday, 9 May 14h00 SS8


Yours in Lifesaving
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Helen Herbert
General Manager

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