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Date: 18th June 2018

Subject: Lifesaving SA Data Protection Upgrades

Lifesaving South Africa is required to upgrade our Data Protection, this is due to the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) affecting all bodies that store data for any person holding an European Union citizenship. This is over and above the regulations set in place in the South African Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect organisations in countries around the world, not just those in Europe. The GDPR regulates how personal data is stored, moved, handled, and destroyed. The GDPR applies to all companies processing, holding or controlling the personal data of anyone holding an EU recognised citizenship, regardless of where the company is based, or where the processing takes place. The GDPR applies to any organisation offering goods or services to EU citizens whether paid-for or not.

Organizations, whether they be controllers or processors of data, who fail to comply with the GDPR regulations can be fined up to €20 Million or, up to 4% of annual global turnover. This does not just apply to data breaches. A company can, for example, be fined 2% for not having their records in order or failing to notify the supervising authority and data subject about a breach. They can even be fined for failing to conduct an impact assessment or be banned entirely from trading with the nations that have adopted the GDPR into national law.

There are several types of data that are considered personal if the person associated with the data can be identified, either directly or indirectly. It can be anything from a name, identification number, a photo, email address, online user identifier, social media posts, physical, physiological, or genetic information, medical information, location, bank details, ip address, cookies or cultural identity. The definition of ‘personal data’ has been increased over previous legislation to include technical metrics of an individual such as biometric and genetic data.

Lifesaving South Africa collects and stores personal data falling within these guidelines purely for Lifesaving related activities and objectives as listed in the LSA constitution.

Please can all clubs ensure that every single member completes the attached Information and Indemnity Form in writing and either uploads it via the LSA Data Base on or emailing it to Every member and club administrator has access to the LSA Data Base. First time users can log in using their identity numbers as the user name and the last 6 digits of the same as the password. Once logged in they can amend their own personal details including their username and password. If anyone is unable to log in they can contact Kate Cibane at LSA head office on 031 312 9251 or

Lifesaving SA’s office hours are 8am to 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday and 8am to 2pm on Fridays.

Please be advised that due to the urgency of this request any member not completing a new form and having their details uploaded into the database will be terminated from the 31st July 2018.

Please note that the password for first time users logging into the LSA database is the last 7 digits  of their ID number.

Yours in Lifesaving
(No Signature – Electronic Document)
Helen Herbert
General Manager

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