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Date: 25th June 2018

Subject: Competition Requirements For 2018/19 Season

To be eligible to compete at Lifesaving South Africa’s sanctioned events please note the following:


All competitors in lifesaving competitions held under the jurisdiction of LSA (including ILS competitions) shall be registered members of clubs in good standing with their Districts, Provinces and LSA.

Clubs can load any new members onto the LSA Data Base found at: . If clubs do not have access to this site please contact Head office / 031 312 9251.

Any member wishing to compete in a LSA competition or event must:

  1. Be registered on the LSA Membership Data Base
  2. Complete the prescribed entry form.
  3. Be the holder of the appropriate award.
  4. Be proficient as prescribed for that particular award.
  5. Qualify under the necessary age category.
  6. Not be in default with LSA or a lifesaving authority in relation to their service, financial and discipline obligations.


  1. A member may be admitted as a member to more than one club or lifesaving authority during the currency of any lifesaving competition season, i.e. Individuals can be a member of a club in Bloemfontein and a club in Mossel Bay or clubs in Cape Town and Durban.
  2. Members are eligible to participate in all the relevant internal club activities, i.e. they can participate in the Bloemfontein internal club carnivals and the Mossel Bay internal club carnivals in the same season.
  3. Competing member shall not participate in any inter-club competition as a representative of more than one club during any one competition season, i.e. The Individual must choose the club which they will compete for, the one on Bloemfontein or the one in Mossel Bay if they are participating in an event where two or more clubs are present, irrespective of the discipline ( Surf or Pool(Stillwater))or location of the competition.
  4. Their registered membership on the LSA Membership Data Base will reflect their primary membership as the club they choose to compete for.
  5. The competing member who wishes to transfer their competitive rights are required to apply for the transfer prior to competing for the new club.


A competitor must have obtained a transfer/clearance certificate from his transferring club before competing in his new club.

A competitive member who desires to compete for another club may do so under the following conditions:

  1. The member desiring the transfer shall obtain the prescribed duplicate clearance form (refer Appendix 10 in the competition rules manual) and after entering all the relevant details, lodge the original transfer form with the “losing” club and a duplicate with LSA. Club clearances are not to be unreasonably withheld if the member is in good standing i.e. patrols/duties are up to date and no financial liability and/or discipline exists.
  2. The “ losing” club or its executive shall within 14 days of receiving the original form, endorse or reject the application and after recording its decision on the application form, immediately forward the original with the club’s decision to LSA for record purposes.
  3. If the “losing” club approves the application the club shall record the approval on the original and return the same to LSA. The original shall be retained by LSA.
  4. If the “losing” club rejects the application, the must record the reason for this and the application shall be considered at the next meeting of the provincial, district, regional or branch meeting for a decision. The decision shall be recorded on the original and returned to LSA. The member and the “losing” club shall also be advised of the lifesaving authority’s decision in writing.
  5. The “losing” club or member has a right of appeal to LSA. Application for appeal must be made in writing and submitted to LSA Director: Sport.
  6. If LSA does not receive a decision or the original form from the “losing” club within 14 days of receipt of the duplicate form, the application shall be considered at the next meeting of the lifesaving authority for a decision. The member and the “losing” club shall also be advised in writing of the decision of the lifesaving authority in writing.
  7. Transfer of competitive membership shall automatically take effect from the date the application is approved by the “losing” club, or in the case where there is an appeal, at the date of the lifesaving authority or LSA decision.
  8. Members are permitted one transfer per year (i.e. 1 June to 31 August) the 1st of June to 31st May the following year defines one LSA competitive season. An exception to this will be bonafide relocation because of employment/study/family commitments. Such transfers will be subject to the consideration and approval by the LSA Director: Sport.
  9. Any ILS ruling in respect to competitive transfers and world championships events will be complied with.

The above rule regarding “competitive transfers/clearance” is applicable to Nippers, Juniors, Seniors and Masters members.


All members of LSA from the age of 14 years and competing in U/15 and above age are bound by

LSA Duty Obligation and Exemption Policy. However, under no circumstances shall competitors be granted duty or club duty exemptions solely for competition reasons.

Members may do duty for all clubs they are members of and if wishing to perform duties whilst away from their primary club must obtain permission from their duty captain prior to performing duty for any other club. All sanctioned voluntary duty hours may be calculated into the minimum duty requirement for competition.

Every competitor who enters a LSA Championships or a competition sanctioned by LSA will have to do minimum of 20 duty hours in the preceding year of the SA Championships. The “preceding year” is defined as the year from 1st February to the 31st January before the SA Championships.

The following persons will be exempted from the duty requirements:

  1. Any competitor over the age of 25 years.
  2. Any competitor who is a life member of their club. (Life membership must have been obtained through a minimum of 10 years (from date of obtaining LA) of duty/patrol service. Life membership must have been proposed and approved at the club’s annual general meeting or special general meeting. Minutes must be available for confirmation of Life Membership if so requested.
  3. Any competitor who obtained their LA or JLA in the preceding year of the championships.
  4. Any member who has not participated in any lifesaving activities for a relevant minimum period of 1 (one) year and providing such member’s name appears on the relevant Club Monthly Report as “Members Left” and subsequently as “Members Joining” such member will be granted dispensation for not having completed the required minimum duty voluntary duty hours respectively.

Yours in Lifesaving
(No Signature – Electronic Document)
Peter Odendaal
Director : Sport

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