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Date:                     11th January 2019


Subject:           2019 GT South African National Championships – Newsletter


With 11 weeks to go to the General Tire South African Lifesaving Championships we have a few update pointers for the clubs:


Dates for Nationals:                 Pool,

                                                 Masters : 25th March 2019

                                                 Juniors / Seniors : 25th – 27th March 2019

                                                 Nippers : 28th – 29th March 2019



                                                 Masters : 24th March 2019

                                                 Nippers : 25th – 27th March 2019

                                                 Juniors / Seniors : 28th – 30th March 2019


Tent Hire on the Beach:

Clubs are requested to book their tents with as soon as is possible.

Tents are 5 x 5m:

If booked separately

Period 1 – Masters + Nippers: 24th – 27th March 2019 – R1850.00

Period 2 – Juniors / Seniors: 28th – 30th March 2019 – R1850.00

If booked for the Combined period 24th – 30th March 2019 – R2600.00


Clubs are requested to reference their payments for the tent hire with TENT + PER1 or PER2 or COMB + CLUB NAME and make payments to Lifesaving SA:


Direct Deposits:                         Bank:                            First National Bank

                                                    Branch:                         Florida Road

                                                    Account Number:           50846259717

                                                    Branch Code:               220526

                                                    Email the proof of payment to:

Please note Space allocation is at a premium and will be made on a first come first served basis. Tent hire will close on the 28th February 2019.


Craft Transport: At this point in time no assistance will be given to transport club crafts across to PE. Clubs are to make the necessary arrangements.


Port Elizabeth Drought: Clubs are to please keep in mind that Port Elizabeth is also affected by the drought and severe water restrictions have been implemented. Please can clubs ensure that the relevant restrictions are adhered to at all times.


Safety Officers: Clubs are requested to supply a minimum of 1 safety officer per 10 nippers entered for the Nipper Surf events taking place from 25th – 27th March 2019 at King’s Beach. The names of the safety officers must be completed on the attached template and forwarded to Tess Kotze on  before the 1st March 2019.


Brief description of a Safety Officer:

  • The Safety officers (SO) are required to have either a LA or a JLA award.  Both LA/JLA SO’s must be strong surf proficient swimmers.
  • The SO’s will be on duty on the 3 surf arenas whilst all water events are taking place.
  • A minimum of 10 SO will be in the water with a Torpedo buoy (your club must supply) during an event.
  • SO need to be available for the 3 days of nipper events, they are to report to Tess in the main tent area at the club house every morning for a briefing of the day’s events and where they are needed and what is required of them
  • In brief SO’s are on duty to ensure that all nippers taking part in water events are kept safe.
  • Please ensure that the SO has a wetsuit, they do get cold and cannot leave the arena during an event.
  • A specific tent will be provided for the SO to relax in while not in the water.  This is to ensure that all SO are kept together should the program change, we cannot be running around looking for SO
  • Duty hours will be counted for the next seasons duty requirements, each SO must sign on and off daily in the duty book provided. 


Pink Vests:  Clubs are reminded to place their orders for the pink vests timeously. Old and faded vests are to be replaced prior to the championships. Competitors may be requested to replace their vests on the day should the colour be too faded. These vests are a safety requirement for all open water events.


Yours in lifesaving

(No Signature – electronic document)

Helen Herbert

General Manager


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