TO:                        The Provincial/ District Chairman

The Provincial/ District Offices for onward distribution to Clubs

Lifesaving Eastern Cape Club Chairman and Secretaries

                              Saint Andrews Club Executive          

                              Associate Members

                              Chief  Referees


CC:                        The President, Vice President and Members of the Management Board, Directors

                              ILS Sport Commission Secretary – Jelle Meintsma, General Manager and LSA Staff


Date:                     5th February 2019


Subject:           Appointment of Referees for the 2019 South Africa Lifesaving Championships


We have pleasure in announcing the appointment of referees for the forthcoming 2019 South Africa Lifesaving Championships and wish them a safe and successful event.



Date of Event


Chief Referee

Assistant Referee

Open Water Championships

9th March

Maselspoort Dam, Bloemfontein

Martina Van Den Bout


Masters Surf Nationals

24th March

Kings Beach, PE

Anthony Cocks


Masters Pool Nationals

25th March

Newton Park Swimming Pool, PE

Annelie Lourens


Jnr/ Snr Pool Nationals

25th – 27th March

Newton Park Swimming Pool, PE

Annelie Lourens

Lee Labuschagne

Nipper Surf Nationals

25th – 27th March

Kings Beach, PE

Jelle Meintsma

Jane Lewis

Jnr/ Snr Surf Nationals

28th – 30th March

Kings Beach, PE

Allen Pembroke

Renee Vrahimis

Nipper Pool Nationals

28th – 29th March

Newton Park Swimming Pool, PE

Martina Van Den Bout

Sherrita Goncalves

Inter Provincial Championships (Surf)

13th April

Clifton Beach, CT

Jane Lewis


Inter Provincial Championships (Pool)

27th April

Hillcrest Swimming Pool, PTA

Annelie Lourens



Yours faithfully,

(No signature – electronic document)

Peter Odendaal

Director of Sport


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