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Date:                8th March 2019


Subject:           Amendments to the Surf Competition Manual (15th Edition of October 2015)


Please find attached the amendments to the Surf Competition Manual (15th Edition of October 2015). The amendments come into effect as from 15th March 2019. Please make all Team Managers, Coaches and Athletes aware of these amendments.


The amendments to the Competition Manual are basically corrections, clarifications and additions. Approved amendments as per circular 02/17 and 203/17- “Amendments to the Surf Competition Manual (15th Edition of October 2015)” are shown in italics, for ease of updating the manual.


The changes are:

  1. Clarification in Membership, Duty Obligations and Duel Membership, Competitive Transfer, Determining Age Group, Substitution of Competitors.
  2. In Masters replacing the Board Rescue event by the Taplin Relay (3 persons Taplin event).
  3. In the Taplin defining where the tag from the last water leg to the runner takes place (4 person Taplin event).
  4. Clarifying the various Inter-Club Aggregates – Ocean and Pool and Ocean to be contested at the Championships


Yours in lifesaving

(No Signature – electronic document)

Peter Odendaal

Director: Sport


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