CIRCULAR:  69/19


TO:                  The Provincial/ District Chairman

The Provincial/ District Offices for onward distribution to Clubs

Lifesaving Eastern Cape Club Chairman and Secretaries

                        Saint Andrews Club Executive   

                        Associate Members


CC:                  The President, Vice President and Members of the Management Board, Directors

                        ILS Sport Commission Secretary – Jelle Meintsma, General Manager and LSA Staff


Date:                4th April 2019


Subject:           Drowning Statistics: January – March 2019


We attach hereto for your interest and information the fatal and non-fatal drowning statistics made available to us through our research into the media reports for the period January – March 2019.


Please note that all and any information relating to drowning incidents in your area must be reported on and is not limited to voluntary patrols, attached is the drowning incident template as was circulated under circular 99/11 on the 4th July 2011.


Yours in lifesaving

(No Signature – electronic document)

Helen Herbert

General Manager


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