CIRCULAR:  99/19


TO:                  The Provincial/ District Chairman

The Provincial/ District Offices for onward distribution to clubs

Lifesaving Eastern Cape Club Chairman and Secretaries

                        Saint Andrews Club Executive   

                        Associate Members


CC:                  The President, Vice President and Members of the Management Board, Directors

                        ILS Sport Commission Secretary – Jelle Meintsma, General Manager and LSA Staff


Date:                12th June 2019


Subject:           Lifesaving SA – Club Scorecard



The 2018 club scorecards are under review, if your club has not sent one in for the period January to December 2019 dispensation is being granted for the club do so within 7 days from this circular.


Just as a reminder that the scorecard reflects how we enable our communities to have access to our clubs; a tool to create strategic and business plans within the clubs and provinces; to enable participation at all levels and a record of excellence and achievements. The Government, Department of Sport and Recreation in conjunction with SASCOC are monitoring how each federation transforms the way they integrate the various dimensions into their operations.


As resolved at the LSA Annual General Meeting 29th July 2017, the use of the scorecard within Lifesaving South Africa is replacing the outdated quota system which measured only a single aspect of the Lifesaving Association.


We encourage all clubs to read this circular in conjunction with the scorecard.

To begin the process please insert the clubs score for each dimension as per their 2017 December Achievement Scorecard into column C. This will give a guide to the club on the areas that require further attention.


The score card is made up of the following reporting dimensions:

  1. Access
  2. Skill and Capacity Development
  3. Demographic Profile
  4. Performance
  5. Good Governance


Each dimension is broken down into aspects relevant to the club as a whole entity.

A.         Access

  1. Total number of registered members (All members, including active, inactive, social, life and honorary)
  2. Number of participants in primary schools (Nippers)
  3. Number of participants in secondary schools (Junior and Senior)
  4. Number of participants between 18 and 21 years
  5. Cost of annual membership fee (for a single member to join the club)
  6. % of athletes participating in a modified version of your sport (Micro Nippers, Nippers)




B.         Skill and Capacity Development

  1. Number of accredited training courses conducted annually (Nipper 1,2,3; JLA; LA; QC, Technical Officials, Instructors, Examiners, Administrators)
  2. Number of newly accredited administrators trained in the last 12 months at a national level (Admin required to be submitted to LSA)
  3. Number of newly accredited technical officials trained in the last 12 months at a national level
  4. Number of newly accredited coaches trained in the last 12 months at a national level


C.         Demographic Profile (Black = African, Coloured, Indian)

  1. % Black people in club management structures
  2. % Female managers
  3. % Managers with disabilities
  4. % Black accredited coaches
  5. % Black accredited Technical Officials
  6. % Black people in Club Senior Team
  7. % Black people in Club Junior Team
  8. % Black people in Club Nipper Team
  9. % Participants who are female in club teams
  10. % of Participants with a disability in club teams


D.         Performance

  1. Number of members participating at district, provincial and National Competition
  2. Provincial ranking (Club position at Provincial Senior Championships)
  3. And Number of athletes ranked in the top 10 at Provincial Championships
  4. % of representative participants in High Performance (elite) Programmes
  5. Number of officials serving at district or provincial events.


E.         Good Governance Please insert a “1” for yes and “0” for no.

1)     Required documents in place and implemented accordingly (constitution, rules and regulations, selection policy, strategic and business plans)

2)     Election held in terms of own Constitution

3)     Compliance with anti-doping regulations

4)     Annual Chairman’s / President’s report approved at AGM.


Understanding the Score Card


Looking at the Transformation Score card Template for the period ending December 2019 and the Access Dimension you will see that it has 6 indicators with a total overall weighting factor of 11.


‘Weighting Factor’ of each dimension represents points or a dimension’s maximum score. The more points allocated to an element the greater the importance to the Transformation process. The weightings are arrived at on a consensus basis and are set by SASCOC and DSR and cannot be changed.


‘Dimension’ consists of a collection of indicators.


Overall Weighting’ the sum of the indicator weightings adds up to the overall dimension weighting.

Therefore the 1) total number of registered members in the Access Dimension is one indicator of six indicators.


  • Total number of registered members (weighting of 2points and a target of 10 members)


We assume that the actual achievement in this indicator was 12 the transformation score for this indicator can be calculated on the basis of the following formula;


Transformation Dimension Score = A ÷ B x C



A = Actual Achievement

B = Target and

C = Weighting of Dimension Indicator

i.e. 12 ÷ 10 x 2 = 2.4

%age achieved = 120%


When setting your targets:

  1. Assess what you have right now. (e.g. a club has 10 members in total.)
  2. Establish what is feasible for the club to have by 31 December 2018. (The club will grow by 2 members).
  3. Add the target (of 12) into A. 1) Column E
  4. Add a comment if needed to explain the decision taken.
  5. Return your club targets to your provincial body and LSA by the 12th July 2019.


Lifesaving SA will review your targets and if set with unreasonable outcomes (too high or too low) these will be returned to the club for review.


When reporting on your achievements:

1)     Assess where you are at the closing date for the period. (December 2019, club has 11 members)

2)     Add the achievement (of 11) into A. 1) Column E

3)     The spreadsheet will calculate the scores.


Clubs are requested to complete the scorecard as follows:

1)   Set your targets (Column E) for the period January 2019 to December 2019. To be submitted to your provincial body and LSA on   by Friday 12th July 2019. Once your target is submitted and accepted column E will be locked.

2)   Report on your 12-month achievement (Column F) at the end of December 2019. To be submitted to your provincial body and by the 25th of January 2020. Lifesaving SA will return the Achievement score card to each club in January for completion.

3)   Set your targets annually thereafter for the period January to December, to be reported on by the 25th of the following January.

4)   For 2019 please insert your achievement score for each dimension into columns C and D for the years 2017 and 2018 respectively.


We encourage all clubs to set realistic targets, and to create a structured business or strategic plan to achieve the goals set. These targets will filter into the Provincial targets and National targets.


Clubs not submitting their targets and reports or not meeting a minimum of 50% of their own accepted targets will not be eligible to attend SA Championships and may face disciplinary action. Nil submissions are not acceptable.


Note: Clubs are in effect only being requested to complete columns C, D, E, F and J.


Yours in lifesaving

(No Signature – electronic document)

Helen Herbert

General Manager


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