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CC:                  The President, Vice President and Members of the Management Board, Directors

                        ILS Sport Commission Secretary – Jelle Meintsma, General Manager and LSA Staff


Date:                20th January 2020                     


Subject:           2020 Wimpy South African Lifesaving Championships:  19th – 25th March 2020: Newton Park Pool and King’s Beach, Port Elizabeth: Entry Forms


Please find attached the entry forms for the 2020 Wimpy South African Lifesaving Championships for Nipper: Pool and Surf; Junior and Senior: Pool and Surf; Masters Pool and Surf and Surf Boats.


Take note of the following:


Rules and Entry Conditions:

Surf and Pool: Per the 2020 Edition Competition Manual, to be released January 2020


Cut-off date for awards as per circular 134/19 of the 15th October 2019: 31st January 2020.

All paperwork to be received in Head Office by Monday, 17th February 2020



  • Certification:

To be returned, duly completed with Entry Forms A by midnight Friday, 21st February 2020.

  • Programme of Events
  • Entry Forms:

Forms A – List all the competitors’ names on separate forms for Masters, Seniors, Juniors and Nippers

As before, pre-entries are not required except for 1 event – Surf Boat.


Note :

  1. The competing club will be responsible to enter the individual and team events of competitors; whose names will be loaded by the office. The cut-off date for entering these events will be the 15th March 2020.
  • Further information on the Event Carnival Management System relating to the link, a basic instruction guide and access codes will be advised separately on receipt on your Form An information 
  • Entries will not be processed until proof of full payment is received.
  • Forward payment advice to Head Office

            Fax:      031-3125612 or 0866 159 716)


            Post:    35 Livingstone Road


                                    Durban, 4001

  • Please ensure the "beneficiary reference" box states the “club’s name and Wimpy SA Champs 2020"


Entry Fees:

Entry fees for the Wimpy South African Lifesaving Championships 2020 are inclusive of VAT:

  • Seniors                              R 550.00 per competitor
  • Junior – U/15                     R 550.00 per competitor
  • Junior – U/17                     R 550.00 per competitor
  • Junior – U/19                     R 550.00 per competitor
  • Additional Age Group        R 145.00 per competitor and per championship

E.g. Joe Soap is 18 years competing in 2 age groups (Junior and Senior). Will pay (U19) R 550.00 + (Senior) R145.00 = R 695.00

  • Nippers                              R550.00 per competitor
  • Masters                             R400.00 per competitor

Masters competing as Seniors or Boat Crew will pay R400 + R145 = R545 per person.

Masters competing as Seniors and Boat Crew will pay R400 + R145 + R145 = R690.00 per person

  • Surf Boats                          R2000.00 per boat / R 145.00 per sweep used in 2nd boat competition.


Entries closing date / Late entries:

Closing date for entries is Friday, 21st February 2020 (midnight).  Any entry received after the aforementioned date will be deemed a late entry and will liable for the payment of the late entry fee of R870.00 per entry.


Fines & Penalties:

Important Note:

·       There is a R1000 fine per breach of entry regulations, plus a rejection of the appropriate defaulter and further

·       Disciplinary action may be taken.

·       Late Annual Retest – R800.00


NB Please note:

8.3.3     Annual Retest

  1. All competitors must have a LA retest to enter a competition sanctioned by LSA that must be renewed annually or current JLA if under 16 years of age.
  2. A current retest is a test conducted within 12 months from the date of the last award or retest undertaken.
  3. No late retests for competitors will be accepted after the closing date of 21st February 2020 which is 30 days prior to the start of the SA Championships.
  4. Retests undertaken between 31st January to 21st February 2020 and submitted for entry shall only be accepted in exceptional circumstances by written application to the Director: Sport, after having first been endorsed by the Regional Chief Examiner prior to the assessment being undertaken. These entries will be subject to an additional late entry penalty of R1000.00 should the application be approved by the Directors. i.e. Joe Soap applies to the Director of Sport with the permission of their Provincial RCE, and is given dispensation to enter SA Champs with a retest completed after the award cut off date will pay: R550.00 + R1000 = R1550.00
  5. Entries submitted on and after the 22nd February will be subject to Late Entry Fee of R870.00
  6. All entry fees are non-refundable and not exchangeable.
  7. .


DO NOT enter anyone who:

1.      Has no appropriate Lifeguard Award, or Junior Lifeguard Award (U/16).

2.      Has not passed the current annual retest.

3.      Has not done a minimum of 20 voluntary duty hours between 1 February 2019 to 31 January 2020.


Important Dates:               

Paperwork in HO

Annual retest final date is 31 January 2020 for entry to the SA Championships

  • Late annual retests (subject to R800 penalty)             15 February 2020
  • Lifeguard Award, Junior Lifeguard Award                   15 February 2020
  • Entry Forms A (Seniors, Juniors, Masters)                 15 February 2020



Access to Competition Arena’s:

Each team may only have one member of team management in the competition arena or on pool deck at any one time.

This member of Team Management must be clearly identified as a team member i.e. clothed in club apparel with his/her LSA accreditation card. Any team not complying with this can be disqualified.


Medical Information:

It is the responsibility of the team manager to ensure that he/she is aware of all and any medical conditions or treatment of any of his/her club participating competitors. Team Managers are to submit the necessary Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) forms for competitors at the Managers Meeting – blank forms are in the appendix of the Surf Competition Manual (Appendix 10. It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that they are adequately covered for Medical, Hospital, Dental and Personal Accident and Injury insurance.


Yours in lifesaving

(No Signature – electronic document)

Craig Van Rooyen

Director: Sport


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