TO:                   The Provincial/ District Chairman
The Provincial/ District Offices for onward distribution to Clubs
Lifesaving Eastern Cape Club Chairman and Secretaries
                        Associate Members
CC:                  The President, Vice President and Members of the Management Board, Directors
                        ILS Sport Commission Secretary – Jelle Meintsma, General Manager and LSA Staff
Date:                9th July 2020                  
Subject:           The Resumption of Activities at the Clubs
Please be advised that Lifesaving South Africa has been granted permission to resume their activities by the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture.
There are however a few proviso’s that must be complied with:
  1. Clubs wishing to resume activities must submit to LSA head office an operational plan of when and how they will resume their activities, with clear reference to the LSA Guidelines and compliance protocols. To aid this process all coaching and instruction going forward will need to be logged with LSA head office, prior to the resumption of classes. Clubs are to submit their operational plan as soon as possible to enable LSA head office to issue them with a notice of opening.
  2. Clubs are to submit a list of all members over the age of 60yrs who may be required to access the clubs. It is advised that those over 60yrs do not take part in sports at this time.
  3. To receive the NOTICE OF OPENING, clubs need the certificate of COVID-19 compliance, operational plan and aspects of the membership and club audit, should any of these items not be complied with, LSA head office will not issue the clubs with a Notice to allow them to open.
  4. Compliance officers need to have a copy of the operational plans and all activities, for auditing by any DSAC representative who may require it. We have been advised that they are instituting checks throughout the country.
  5. Screening Points and access registers are mandatory.
  6. Face Masks are mandatory for all over the age of 2yrs, except when in the water.
  7. Daily cleaning and sanitizing of the venue must take place and be logged.
  8. No person showing any signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 Virus or having a temperature over 38° may have access to the venue.
  9. No spectators are allowed at any training or matches.
  10. In Level 3, no showers or changing facilities may be open. Access to toilets is allowed.
  11. Access to training venues under the control of a third party: ie Municipality or Private entity, must be in accordance with their policies and protocols.
Yours in Lifesaving
(No Signature – Electronic Document)
Helen Herbert
General Manager
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