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Date:                9th October 2020                       


Subject:           Drowning Prevention Webinar


Good day,


Please find below an invitation for the Drowning Prevention Webinar for your attention and onward distribution to members that may be interested in attending.






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Greetings to our partners and collaborators to promote Drowning Prevention in South Africa and neighboring countries.


It is exactly a year ago that we convened the first World Conference on Drowning Prevention on the continent of Africa. By all accounts WCDP2019 was a resounding success in terms of the organization of the event, the numbers of delegates that attended and the scope and depth of the presentations. However, to ensure that the conference was not going to be an event in itself, we had committed to a number of activities to ensure that the legacy of the conference will be felt for a long time to come. One such action was to establish the Drowning Prevention Alliance consisting of interested organizations from government, aquatic sports federations and any organization promoting water safety and preventing drowning.


It was intended that Lifesaving South Africa would kick start the process at the end of the first quarter in 2020. Sadly, the COVID19 pandemic put paid to that intention and shut down more than this initiative. However, with the easing of the lockdown levels and the fast approaching summer and holiday seasons, prompts us to ensure that we can deliver on the mandate of mobilizing organizations with the common purpose of reducing and eliminating drowning.


We surmised that all the objectives that emanated from WCDP2019, would best be served by organizing the DP Alliance to become the vehicle to deliver on those objectives. This vehicle would be a collaborative and collective effort of  like-minded organizations pooling their resources and expertise for a common good !


So, we welcome your participation in the first Webinar on establishing the “DP Alliance”. We envisage the following processes but hope that you would also share in and shape the course of actions which would:


  • See this Webinar as a first in a series to mobilize, organize and eventually institutionalize the Alliance to become a “Water Safety Council”  – very much like the  statutory bodies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland (to name a few countries)
  • The journey to get to that point may take a few years – but we hope that our collective effort may make that journey sooner than later (and less arduous compared to other countries.)
  • The roadmap that the Alliance takes should allow for roll-out of collaborative projects to benefit our country folk, like national water safety campaigns,  developing standard signage, establishing norms and standards for educational programmes and eventually leading to influencing legislation under the auspices of a WS Council.
  • A SA Water Safety Council should become representative of all organizations and ensure that Quality Standards and criteria are maintained and constantly improved upon,  engage in evidence-based research to inform future decision making on Water Safety and drowning prevention actions and mobilize government to allocate resources for preventative actions.


The programme  for the first webinars is simple:

  •  Welcome all back to the stated Objectives from the WCDP2019 and clarify the Purpose of the Alliance. (Dhaya Sewduth – LSA President (voluntary)
  • Listen to Lessons from the Australian experience on establishing the Water Safety Council in that country (Justin Scarr – Convenor of the ILS Drowning Prevention Commission & CEO of Royal Lifesaving Australia)
  • Mapping a way forward for the Alliance (Dr Colleen Capastagno: LSA Convenor of Scientific Advisory Committee)


Your Hosts and Moderators for the Webinar are Helen Herbert (GM Lifesaving SA) and Mzi Mayedwa (LSA Director Drowning Prevention)


Details to register and join the webinar are as follows:

Date:13th October 2020

Time: 10h00 to 11h00

Virtual Platform: Zoom

Meeting ID and password: will be distributed to registered attendees on the 12th October 2020

Registration: Please send through your confirmation of attendance to Janelle Naidoo on

Please feel free to contact Helen Herbert on

Cost: Free

(Guidelines for registration, and rules for participation will be distributed on 12th October)


Who should attend:

  • Government officials in Recreation, Disaster Management, Tourism, Blue Flag Beaches, SALGA
  • Municipal Beach Managers & Pool Superintendents
  • Water Parks, Resort and Hotels Managers
  • OHS Officers
  • Lifeguards
  • Professional Organizations providing for lifeguards
  • Aquatic Sports federations involved in teaching swimming and drowning prevention (including PCMF)
  • Emergency Organizations and Specialist Rescue organizations (e.g. NSRI)
  • Adventure sports organization especially around water bodies


We look forward to your participation and feel free to share this poster – however, only pre-registered participants will be allowed into the webinar.


Yours faithfully,

(No signature – electronic document)

Helen Herbert

General Manager


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