TO:                  The Provincial/ District Chairman

The Provincial/ District Offices for onward distribution to Clubs

Lifesaving Eastern Cape Club Chairman and Secretaries

                        Associate Members


CC:                  The President, Vice President and Members of the Management Board, Directors

                        ILS Sport Commission Secretary – Jelle Meintsma, General Manager and LSA Staff


Date:                29th January 2021


Subject:           Nurdle Beach Clean-up Project

Dear Clubs, Districts and Provinces,

Lifesaving SA is teaming up with Tokens4Litter on a beach clean-up program that could earn your club R10 000.

The project focusses on the Nurdle pollution being found on the beaches.

Clubs wishing to participate will be provided with bins which when filled will be removed for recycling. Litter 4Tokens will provide the clubs with sand sieves or Mermaid Tears (Nurdle) Catchers at a discount price which can be sold on, but it is not essential to use these in the program. The Club which returns the largest amount of nurdles will receive a cash donation of R10 000.

The project will only roll out once the beaches reopen but LSA Head office would like to establish which clubs would be keen to take part in this program? Please advise us on  by Friday 5th February 2021.


Yours faithfully,

(No signature – electronic document)

Helen Herbert

General Manager


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