TO:                   The Provincial/ District Chairman

The Provincial/ District Offices for onward distribution to Clubs

Lifesaving Eastern Cape Club Chairman and Secretaries

                        Associate Members


CC:                  The President, Vice President and Members of the Management Board, Directors

                        ILS Sport Commission Secretary – Jelle Meintsma, General Manager and LSA Staff


Date:                8th March 2021


Subject:           The Guardian – Fingerprint Criminal Clearance: Milnerton, CT – 13 March 2021



As indicated on Circular 177/20, Lifesaving South Africa will require proof of clearances for criminal, sexual and child protection offences from all those dealing with minors. These clearances will be undertaken by The Guardian.


Please be advised the cost for all 3 clearances is R250 excluding vat however Lifesaving South Africa will charge a reduced rate of R120 excluding vat for the members first clearance.


We have been advised that The Guardian’s Fingerprint Technician will be in Cape Town on Saturday, 13th March 2021 at the Milnerton Canoe Club, Woodbridge Dr, Woodbridge Island, Cape Town from 08h00 – 09h30.


Please click on the link below to make a booking:



  • Time slots work on a First Come, First Served Basis.
  • CUT OFF FOR BOOKINGS FOR THIS VENUE IS 12th March 2021 @ 14h00


B – Requirements and Turnaround time for Checks

  1. Original ID book/ card or passport book in good conditions, driver’s license will not be accepted.
  2. Original certified copy of your ID or passport, not older than 3 months.
  3. Own black pen
  4. Must be wearing a mask.
  5. You are required to have fingerprints taken. The process will not take longer than 5 minutes per person, provided you have all the correct documentation. You are required to fill in necessary consent forms which Headoffice will provide this when confirming your booking time. Please fill in these documents prior to the appointment, however, they must be signed and dated in the presence of the technician on the day.
  6. Results will be emailed to you for record purposes.


Yours in lifesaving

(No Signature – electronic document)

Helen Herbert

General Manager


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