World Drowning Prevention Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports approximately 236 000 people drown globally each year with most drownings taking place in low and middle-income countries.

South African mortality statistics estimate 1500 people die from drowning annually in South Africa with almost 500 reported deaths occurring in children under the age of 10 years. Inadequate supervision is a key contributing factor increasing drowning risk in our youths.  LSA has termed this year’s World Drowning Prevention Day, which was observed on 25th July, “Supervision”. Through the correct and uninterrupted supervision of youth, children, and toddlers in and around aquatic resources many drownings can be avoided.


You can download your free “Designated Supervisor” card here.

This card should be attached to a lanyard and given to the supervisor who is responsible at the time. This card helps not only children identify who is watching them but other bystanders can ensure that the supervisor is carrying out their responsibility correctly and is not being interrupted.

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In 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported approximately 236 000 people drown globally each year with most drownings taking place in low and middle-income countries, particularly those with access to aquatic resources, oceans, dams, and rivers.South African mortality statistics estimate approximately 1500 people die from drowning annually in South Africa, an average of 4 people daily. Two-thirds (66%) of all drownings in South Africa are under the age of 30 years with males being more than twice at risk than females. In South Africa almost 500 deaths or one third of the reported deaths occur under the age of 10 years. In the age group 5 to 12 years the WHO estimates that drowning is the sixth highest cause of unnatural deaths globally. These statistics however do not account for those who have drowned due to floods or violence. 

A leading cause of the deaths by drowning is the lack of proper supervision of children and toddlers around water.

Join us for a Webinar in conjunction with the Sport for Social Change Network Africa to discuss the World Drowning Prevention Day, Drowning in South Africa and Mitigation of these events going forward.

DATE: th JULY 2022

TIME: 14H00 (Cape Town, Pretoria)


Dr Sam Ramsamy –IOC honorary member since 1995
Dr Colleen Saunders –UCT and Chair of the LSA Research Committee
Ms Kristen Bent –Operations Manager –N1 City & Western Cape HEMS Netcare 911
Host: Mr Mzi Mayedwa –LSA Director of Drowning Prevention

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