Education & Training

Education and Training includes the updating and co-ordination of all training material and courses for the Association. This requires interaction within the association ie the other Directors and outside the association ie other training organisations.

Some of these are:

  • Sport and Recreation SA - E&T department
  • Resuscitation Council
  • Theta

Some of the activities at present include the preparation of material for registration with SAQA; new guidelines for CPR in line with ILCOR; Training of Moderators, Assessors and Presenters and Accreditation with the THETA, updating the handbook and updating CPR protocols with the Instructors and Assessors in the branches and provinces.

In the pipeline:

  • Training material for Technical Officials / Judges and the role out of training programmes.
  • Training material for Coaches and the role out of training programmes.
  • Revision of the IRB and Instructors Manuals.